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SeasonSmart Air Filter Plan™

Premium Air Filters conveniently delivered to your door when they should be installed according to your optimized seasonal schedule.

  • Replace filters when you receive them
  • Best way to replace filters on time
  • No bulky filter box storage required

From $11

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FREE: Reminder Emails

No matter where you buy your filters SeasonSmart will send you reminders according to your SeasonSmart plan. Included with all Air Filter Plans and Kits.

  • Filter replacement lowers energy bills
  • Notifies you it’s time to replace filters
  • Reminds you of your filter sizes


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Customized Air Filter Plans™ for every season & US location. Plus convenient home delivery.


How It Works

We make it easy to install the right type of filter each season. You’ll receive a unique sequence five Seasonal Air Filters™. Each will be dated and color-coded telling you exactly when to replace the air filters. We’ll also send you an email notice to remind you that it’s time.

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    Select your state

    We build you a cost-optimized SeasonSmart Plan based on your zip code. So you start by selecting your state.

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    Select the number of filters in your home

    Select how many filter locations are in your home. Often filters will be of different sizes.

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    Select filter sizes

    Choose your filter size. The proper size should be listed on the side of your current filters. That’s it. We’ll take care of the rest.

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PRO TIP: While each area of the country is assigned unique combinations of air filters and sequences, each and every Air Filter Plan™ can be fully customized by you. You know your neck of the woods better than anyone else.
Ask us about our Personal Air Filter Plans™. Call us today at 844.8.SEASON

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You’ll be reminded when it’s the best time to replace your air filters throughout the year and we’ll make it simple to buy your replacement air filters later.

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Filter Change Notifications

Save up to 15% on energy bills. It’s FREE to sign up. No credit card required.

Did you know?… the Department of Energy says you can save up to 15% on your energy bill just by changing air filters at least every 90 days! That’s why we offer a FREE email reminder service. And because every 90 days isn’t optimal for everyone, we can customize your schedule based on where you live and on your local air quality to maximize your savings. So sign up, receive an email reminder, and start saving today.

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Simple pricing

SeasonSmart Air Filter Plans™ start at $55 per year for five (5) or more different regional and seasonal specific filters. Traditional MERV 8 Filter Sets start at $30 per year for five (5) filters. Yearly shipping and handling is included in the pricing.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes. It’s our goal to make your life a little easier, so before you cancel, please call or email us to offer your insights, thoughts, or criticisms to help us improve. There is no cancellation fee.

What happens when the season ends?

Your seasonal plan will automatically renew each year. If you no longer need your filter sets, you can cancel any time up to two weeks before filters are scheduled to ship.


After you become a member of SeasonSmart, we create your very own, personalized account page. Your SeasonSmart Account offers you the ability to select Filter Sets & sizing, modify shipping dates, mix new products into your order, and access all the other details of your membership.

What are the additional benefits of joining?

SeasonSmart members with an active subscription will receive exclusive deals & special rates on Seasonal Bundle products! Benefits can include special pricing, early access to buy, and special offers – like a free product with purchase. Sign up for one of our Air Filter Plans™ to get access to these great benefits.

I still have a question…

For more information please visit out FAQ page. Also, we are more than happy to answer any question you have and to assist you in setting up your account. Click here to get in touch with us.