The most common indoor allergens are mold, dust, pollen, pets, rodents and bugs.

Fortunately, there are simple steps that can be taken to reduce indoor allergens and respiratory irritant levels in a typical home.  If you want to identify them and make sure the house is safe for you and your family, you can get free indoor air testing kits from trusted lab testing services.  Usually there in a minimal lab fee required.

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install air filters regularly

Install quality air filters and regularly change them.

The key to reducing indoor allergens is to install the right filters at the right time all year long. That’s why SeasonSmart’s custom Filter Plans™ are based upon the seasons where you live and on your feedback – because you know your home best.

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Keep the home cool and dry with low relative humidity to limit dust mites and mold growth.

Relative humidity level kept between 40% and 50% in most homes will help reduce the formation and growth of microbial-borne indoor allergens.

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dust and vacuum frequently

Dust and vacuum frequently. Use products that do not emit harsh chemicals and volatile organic compounds.

Also, when cleaning, but be careful not to aerosolize the dust or it may spread indoor allergens.


Regularly wash bedding to control dust mite concentrations and other indoor allergens.

Don’t forget to have drapes and window blinds cleaned on a regular basis.

wash bedding
use doormats

Use doormats and remove shoes before entering the home.

Choosing the right doormat will reduce the time you spend dusting and cleaning. It can significantly reduce new incoming indoor allergens.


If allergic to outdoor pollen, keep windows and doors closed during periods with high pollen counts.

Pollen counts are usually the highest between 5am and 10am, so limiting outside air during those times can be extremely helpful for diminishing allergies.

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Simple pricing

SeasonSmart Air Filter Plans™ start at $55 per year for five (5) or more different regional and seasonal specific filters. Traditional MERV 8 Filter Sets start at $30 per year for five (5) filters. Yearly shipping and handling is included in the pricing.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes. It’s our goal to make your life a little easier, so before you cancel, please call or email us to offer your insights, thoughts, or criticisms to help us improve. There is no cancellation fee.

What happens when the season ends?

Your Air Filter Plan™ will automatically renew each year. If you no longer need your filter sets, you can cancel any time up to two weeks before filters are scheduled to ship.


After you become a member of SeasonSmart, we create your very own, personalized account page. Your SeasonSmart Account offers you the ability to select Filter Sets & sizing, modify shipping dates, mix new products into your order, and access all the other details of your membership.

What are the additional benefits of joining?

SeasonSmart members with an active subscription will receive exclusive deals & special rates on Seasonal Bundle products! Benefits can include special pricing, early access to buy, and special offers – like a free product with purchase. Sign up for one of our Air Filter Plans™ to get access to these great benefits..

I still have a question…

For more information please visit out FAQ page. Also, we are more than happy to answer any question you have and to assist you in setting up your account. Click here to get in touch with us.