Frequently Asked Questions

Peace of Mind
Homeowners have more than enough to worry about. You can sleep easy knowing our products are always of the highest quality and our filters are made to protect you, your entire family, and your HVAC system. We are serious about performance and the impact on your time and budget.

We believe in working together, and we are on a mission to build healthier, safer, more energy efficient homes. We hope you’ll join us by taking part in our community activities or purchasing one of our products, to help fuel our efforts for even a deeper impact.

Smart Design
Do you dread replacing HVAC filters? Trying to recall when you changed them last? Loathe going to the store to buy new filters only to forget the size and number of filters you need? We can’t replace them for you, but we can make the whole process much easier. You receive pre-labeled filters that include information about the room location and which color-coded filter to use based upon the season you are in at the moment – plus you receive an email alert telling you it’s time to replace the filter – so simple now.

Homeownership got you feeling overwhelmed? We’ve been there and we’ve got your back. From delivering our products direct to your doorstep on a reliable schedule, to making our services customizable and affordable – we’re always here to help, no matter what.

The folks here at SeasonSmart™ are passionate about saving energy, providing ultimate convenience, promoting healthy living and pushing it to the limits both in terms of customer experience and filter technology.  Instead of offering a confusing line of air filters, we set out to do something different, and we think you’ll agree that we did just that. Our SeasonSmart™ Filter Plans™ contain five or more labeled filters designed for different seasons and regions of the country to give you optimal performance throughout the year, so you and your HVAC system stay optimally protected in the winter, spring, summer, and fall. Get your Filter Set today!
When we were trying to think of a name for our company, we thought we should choose something that reflected what we are all about. Something that would keep us focused on making products that make it easier to adjust to the changes each new season brings. SeasonSmart™ was the clear choice.
SeasonSmart™ is built by homeowners, for homeowners. And as homeowners, we knew it would be convenient to have a subscription service that delivers the most relevant seasonal necessities directly to your door. Currently, we offer SeasonSmart™ Filter Sets™ and Traditional Filter Sets™. Our members also enjoy the benefits of a selection of items invented by people like you, designed to make life easier or more fun at the start of every new season. We discovered our other Seasonal Products from crowdfunding campaigns and online sites that promote the “garage inventor”, people who are innovating, pushing the boundaries of creation without big funding or big companies behind them – because they’re like us.
Joining SeasonSmart™ is easy, effortless, and risk-free. Signup now by choosing a SeasonStart™ Plan right away. Or to just get you feet wet, you could sign up for our free Filter Alert service that sends you filter change reminder emails. No purchase is necessary. Finally, feel free to contact us so we’ll have a better understanding of what you need and our team can begin recommending products for your home and family. Start Now
Once you become a member, you automatically and very conveniently receive a SeasonSmart™ Air Filter Set™ and your choice of additional awesome seasonal products on your doorstep. You can customize the air filter sets & shipping date based on your needs. Unless you customize your delivery frequency, or choose delivery every season, your Air Filter Set will be shipped once a year.
Subscription to SeasonSmart™ Filter Sets starts at $50 per year. The cost depends on the sizes of the filters you select. Shipping and handling is FREE.
SeasonSmart™ members with an active subscription will receive exclusive deals & special rates on witty seasonal products! Benefits can include special bundle pricing, early access to buy, and special offers – like a free product with purchase. Sign up for one of our SeasonSmart™ Filter Sets™ to get access to these great benefits.
Yes! You can earn $5 for each dollar friend that spends on a qualified first purchase. Go to our Friends page to get started! We are sincerely thankful for your efforts to share the SeasonStart™ experience with your family and friends.
We have focused on all the critical elements that go into creating top performing products and customer service. We’ve been trying to think of everything to improve your experience on every front related to your seasonal needs. If you noticed we missed anything, or have a new recommendation, please – we want to hear from you!

SeasonSmart™ Filter Plans™ are a seasonal or yearly supply (based on your delivery choice) of high-filtration, season-specific, and cost-effective HVAC filters. The set is designed around a sequence of filters, which are color-coded and labeled to indicate when and where that filter replaces the old one. Each year or every other month, at about the same time, you’ll receive your Filter Sets sized perfectly for every intake vent in your home. Also included are any Seasonal products you ordered for that season.

We generously forecast your monthly filter usage. Based on HVAC energy performance research, we have taken into account many factors in determining the number of filters to include in the SeasonSmart™ Filter Plan™. The most important of these factors being the average monthly energy savings based upon frequency of filter replacement. We also understand that every home and seasonal area is unique, so we decided to include five (5) filters per year in order to produce optimal energy savings and optimal Filter combinations and sequences for each new season. If you find that your filter combination is not fully optimized for your specific seasonal requirements, you can contact our SeasonSmart Support team to discuss with us how to manage your Filter Sets going forward. Unless you customize your SeasonSmart™ Filter Plan™, a set pre-determined for your region will be shipped once per year.
It depends on where you live and on your HVAC usage. Replacing as often as you can afford (or remember) is best, but it can get costly. SeasonSmart™ Air Filter Plans™ provides an optimized replacement schedule based on your local air quality so you don’t overspend.
It depends on the time of year and what will be in the air over the next couple months. The lower MERV rated air filters offer the best energy efficiency because they don’t overwork your HVAC system. But these air filters don’t filter pollens, mold, and other allergens in the air as well. So SeasonSmart™ Air Filter Plans™ provide a balance between these types of air filters so you always receive the right ones at the right time.
After you become a member of SeasonStart™, we create your very own, personalized Account page. Your SeasonSmart™ Account offers you the ability to modify orders, mix new products into your order, and access all the other details of your membership.
Of course! You probably have more than one HVAC system. You can easily order all the Filter Sets you need at the start of your membership, or the additional Sets as you go through the checkout process. It will show up on your Account page if you decide to use the same login/account information. Shipping will be combined when you buy multiple Sets with the same account.
It’s our goal to make your life a little easier, so before you cancel, we’d love to know how we can keep you in the SeasonSmart™ community. Please call or email us anytime to offer your insights, thoughts, or criticisms – and we’ll do everything we can to make it right. However, if you do wish to cancel, you may do so at any time and there is no cancellation fee.

SeasonSmart™ strives to provide the best service and personal experience, but if you decide to cancel, please call SeasonSmart Support at 1.844.873.2766 Monday – Friday 7AM – 5PM CST.

Please note: Accounts cannot be cancelled via email, Facebook, or other forms of social media.

We currently work with USPS as our shipping carriers.
If your shipping address is within the contiguous United States shipping & handling is FREE for Filter Sets. If you include additional items in your order, depending on the size of the items, shipping could be extra. We’ll always do our best to pack your order to reduce or eliminate any extra shipping charges.
Yes, this is covered under The SeasonSmart™ Guarantee. It’s simple — if you are not 100% satisfied with one of our products, we will create a solution for you. Returns are accepted within 365 days of you receiving the product and some products are subject to a restocking fee of $5.95 per item.

If you would like to exchange your product for a different one, we’ll happily accommodate you under our Good Faith exchange policy. Our team will immediately ship out the product you’d like and give you up to ten business days to return the product with which you were not satisfied. (Please note: as with returns, exchanges are subject to a restocking fee).


Simple pricing

SeasonSmart Air Filter Plans™ start at $55 per year for five (5) or more different regional and seasonal specific filters. Traditional MERV 8 Filter Sets start at $30 per year for five (5) filters. Yearly shipping and handling is included in the pricing.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes. It’s our goal to make your life a little easier, so before you cancel, please call or email us to offer your insights, thoughts, or criticisms to help us improve. There is no cancellation fee.

What happens when the season ends?

Your Air Filter Plan™ will automatically renew each year. If you no longer need your filter sets, you can cancel any time up to two weeks before filters are scheduled to ship.


After you become a member of SeasonSmart™, we create your very own, personalized account page. Your SeasonSmart™ Account offers you the ability to select Filter Sets & sizing, modify shipping dates, mix new products into your order, and access all the other details of your membership.

What happens when the season ends?

Your seasonal plan will automatically renew each year. If you no longer need your filter sets, you can cancel any time up to two weeks before filters are scheduled to ship.


After you become a member of SeasonSmart, we create your very own, personalized account page. Your SeasonSmart Account offers you the ability to select Filter Sets & sizing, modify shipping dates, mix new products into your order, and access all the other details of your membership.